Set of Eight Saarinen House Side Chairs, Finland circa 1983

A masterpiece of design: this 20th century reproduction set of Cranbrook Side Chairs by Adelta from the renown designer Eliel Saarinen. Born 1873, this finnish designer became a very famous person in design history after moving to the US. He was not only the president of the famous Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, years later he became the director of the Department of Architecture & Urban Design. His unique project, the Saarinen House is still ranking as one of the most significant residential projects in the US. From the architecture to furnishing, E.S. himself planned every detail in this synthesis of the arts. It is a museum now and hosts a dining room where these magnificent chairs can still be seen - see pic. #2. Fine maple wood alongside black lacquer work was combined with fabric from the manufacture of Backhausen whom produced it to his design. Each Side Chair shows a metal plate with Serial No.

HEIGHT:  37,4 in
WIDTH:   17,3 in
DEPTH:   17,7 in 

SEAT HEIGHT: 18.1 in

$ 14.600

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