Salon Suite by J. Hoffmann for J & J Kohn, Austria circa 1910

Fabulous seating set by J&J Kohn designed by the famous Josef Hoffmann. This great salon suite from circa 1910 consists of two Armchairs, one Bench and a small round coffee table all made of beechwood and trimmed to nut wood. Upholstered with crème-colored leather, the amazing designed chairs, the bench as well as the table carries the handwriting of Josef Hoffmann - a very unique and renown design style that made him world famous. This gorgeous Art Nouveau salon suite by Josef Hoffmann shows best how timeless his designs became over the past 100 years.

HEIGHT:  33,5 inch
WIDTH:   52,5 inch
DEPTH:   24,8 inch

Chair Measurement:

HEIGHT:  33,5 inch
WIDTH:   22,0 inch
DEPTH:   24,8 inch

Seat H.:  17.7 inch

Table Measurement:

DIAM.:    23,6 inch
HEIGHT:  28,9 inch

$ 12.400

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