Salon Suite by G. Siegel/ J&J Kohn, Austria circa 1900

Breathtaking Salon Suite designed by the famous austrian architect Gustav Siegel for J&J Kohn. The fine seating set coming from around 1900 was made of fine beechwood and shows a polished black finish. For the first shown at the world exhibition 1900 in Paris this outstanding design was also awarded there. The great looking shaped chairs and the bench were upholstered during the restoration process in finest light brown leather building a beautiful contrast with the black frame. The end of the legs show lovely brass fittings and complete the outstanding appearance of his three piece Salon Suite. The very unique shape of G. Siegels designs inspires interior designs for over 100 years.

HEIGHT:  30,3 inch
WIDTH:   47,2 inch
DEPTH:   22,0 inch

Chair Measurement:

HEIGHT:  30,7 inch
WIDTH:   20,9 inch
DEPTH:   20,5 inch

Seat Height: 17.7 inch

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