J&J Kohn Seating Set by Josef Hoffmann, Austria circa 1903

Outstanding seating set designed by the famous Josef Hoffmann for the famous company of Jacob & Josef Kohn around 1903. A real precious bentwood salon suite that was manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century in Vienna. The fine beechwood of this bench and the two armchairs was trimmed to a nut wood look. This timeless design of J. Hoffmann comes with a restored upholstery in finest Backhausen fabric, also a design of J.H. This fine Seating Set by Josef Hoffmann is in absolute good restored condition and seeks its equals.

Bench Measurement:

HEIGHT:  30,3 inch
WIDTH:   47,2 inch
DEPTH:   22,0 inch

Chair Measurement:

HEIGHT:  30,3 inch
WIDTH:   23,4 inch
DEPTH:   22,0 inch

Seat Height: 18.1 inch

$ 15.900

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