Handpainted Rustic Cabinet "Four Seasons", Austria dated 1817

Absolute gorgeous hand-painted Rustic Cabinet dated to 1817. This austrian farmhouse cupboard comes with a wonderful patina. A true masterpiece that was professionally restored about 20 years ago where missing parts of the splendid paint work were completed with highest effort to keep the incredible charme of this rustic cabinet. On the front of the two big doors you will find four wonderful hand-painted pictures depicting the four seasons like spring, summer, autumn and winter. Delightful tendrils and flower blossoms beautify the whole cabinet. Eight compartments on the inside provide enough storage room, also including a small drawer. This magnificent masterpiece was made with wooden nails and can be seen best on the backside which was closed with spruce wood planks - watch picture #20. This hand-painted Rustic Cabinet is a great gem of a farmhouse cupboard!

HEIGHT: 76,0 inch
WIDTH:  56,3 inch
DEPTH:  23,6 inch

$ 12.450

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