Biedermeier Pillar Chest, Austria circa 1840

Breathtaking Biedermeier Pillar Chest/ Trumeau from Austria around 1840. A simple but elegant antique piece of furniture that was manufactured with spruce wood and veneered with fine nut wood in a very appealing manner. It consists of a chambered drawer and one small door which hides a compartment divided in two sections. The precious surfaces show a hand-polished shellac finish, giving this Biedermeier Pillar Trumeau a consistent and solid appearance. Elegant brass fittings and a great mirror matched nut wood also on the top plate accentuate this amazing Biedermeier item from Austria.

HEIGHT:  31.9 inch
WIDTH:   17.9 inch
DEPTH:   14.6 inch

$ 3.650

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