Biedermeier Mirror Cherrywood, Germany circa 1830

Splendid Biedermeier Wall Mirror dating back to around 1830. This beautiful Biedermeier Mirror was made with fine cherrywood veneer in the early Biedermeier era in South Germany. Its substructure corners are connected by using an old technique called "extraneous feather". Like the majority of antiques of this era, the frames surface shows a classic hand polished shellac finish. The edges are ebonized and the original facet cut mirror glass is still present showing only a few aging spots and light scratches. But this fact just underlines the great charcater of this lovely Biedermeier wall mirror. A truly stunning accent to any interior design, wether it is modern or traditional! A hand-forged mounting can be found on the backside.

HEIGHT:  36,2 inch
WIDTH:   24,0 inch
DEPTH:     1,2 inch

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