Biedermeier Cheval Mirror, Austria circa 1825

Large and stunning nut wood Biedermeier Cheval Mirror, circa 1825, originates from Vienna, Austria - one of the prime sources of the notable "Biedermeier" era. It is in remarkable original condition - only the facet cut mirror glass has been renewed during restoration. This large full size mirror hovers between finely carved solid nut wood columns that are joined by a turned stretcher and can be adjusted in every needed angle. Its surface has been hand-polished with a traditional shellac finish. The rectangular framed mirror is also equipped with a hand-forged ring on the backside to be mounted also onto a wall.

HEIGHT: 75,7 inch
WIDTH:  44,9 inch
DEPTH:  19,7 inch

Mirror measurements: H: 58.5" W: 36.2" D: 2"

$ 7.400

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