Baroque Chest Of Drawers, Austria circa 1760

Outstanding Baroque Chest Of Drawers from around 1760 in Austria. An extensive restoration was necessary to bring back the charme of this unique Marquetry Commode.  It took a lot of time but was definitely worth it. Beside the fine nut wood veneer this Baroque Chest is highlighted by additional breathtaking "cube" marquetry works on the chest´s top, on the sides as well as on all three drawers. Framed by thin inlayed maple threads, all these sections build a stunning 3D effect. The curved drawers are adorned by fine brass fittings and can be locked separately with so-called "snap locks". The three original keys are included. This fantastic piece was made for a lordly household and proves the phenomenal skills of the carpenters in the 18th century.

HEIGHT:  32,7 inch
WIDTH:   41,7 inch
DEPTH:   23,8 inch

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