Art Nouveau Sideboard/ Buffet by A. Ungethuem, Austria circa 1910

Outstanding Art Nouveau Sideboard/ Buffet from Austria around 1910. The big cabinet was designed and produced by the famous cabinetmaking factory August Ungethüm in the epicenter of Art Nouveau - Vienna/ Austria. Made with fine mahogany the buffet impresses through its absolute unique shape. The upper part consists of a smaller compartment on the left side and a larger one on the right, which door also opens the large middle section - showing six nice facet cut glass panels - at the same time. An orange marble plate, still the original one, is in very good condition. Underneath you will find two large drawers and a big two-door compartment offering lot of space, embellished by fantastic brass fittings.

HEIGHT: 76,0 inch
WIDTH:  61,0 inch
DEPTH:  27,5 inch 

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