"Honey" Shellac on Nut Wood Veneer

Masterpiece Antiques take great pride in the professional restoration of all the pieces of fine antique European furniture we work on. We ensure not only true master craftsmanship with impeccable attention to detail, but also the retention of the object.

Our highly skilled wood artists restore furniture by hand, just like in the old times. We have many materials in stock, including old furniture parts and different kinds of wood and veneers, so we can work with material similar in age to the furniture to be restored. All restorations are performed very carefully to maintain the old, precious surfaces and veneers.

At Masterpiece Antiques, the surfaces of any piece of furniture is polished by using shellac or other traditional polishing techniques. In addition, we only work with high-quality oils, waxes and organic stains, never with any artificial resins.