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Masterpiece Antiques - Linz, Austria

Located in Linz, Austria, Masterpiece Antiques specialize in selling fine European antique furniture to our valuable customers. Our experts find, restore and sell exclusive, high-quality collectible furniture from various periods, including Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Biedermeier, and Art Nouveau.

With more than 120 combined years of experience and expertise, Masterpiece Antiques are proud of the excellent quality of the antique furniture collected from all across Europe. We offer all kinds of unique items, such as antique commodes, tables, chairs, chests, and various accessories.

Our skilled craftsmen beautifully restore every piece of furniture technically and optically, using various methods of past centuries. This way, our customers will not only buy a ready-to-use and practical antique piece of furniture of the highest quality, but also make a beautiful and decorative investment.

Antique European furniture has the reputation for being the most exquisitely made furniture in the world. Furniture makers from Austria, Italy, France, Russia, and above all Great Britain refined their techniques and skills in creating furniture until they nearly perfected form, function, color, and grain. The carving on European furniture is extremely beautiful, with pieces from the 17th century and later, catching the eye of any collector. Created with ancient wood from old forests, European antique pieces are functional pieces of art nobody can ever replicate because the materials used, such as wood from oak, mahogany and walnut trees, are very old and precious. Provenance usually affects value – who was the owner of that inlaid table? – so antique European furniture is also an excellent investment.